Planning a trip to Seychelles? Plan Your Trip Better

One of the best gifts an engaged couple can give each other is to get married in a tropical dream island fringed with coconut palms and surrounded by turquoise waters. When an idyll like this is combined with the services of a seasoned wedding planner and a tour operator with years of experience in making the travel arrangements.

Where in the World

As island destinations go. Exclusive range of just 20 beach suites – and some 30 villas with butler service.

All flights from UK land on the main Seychelles island of Mahe. Stop in at the complimentary Desroches Lounge at the airport if there’s time. From the airport in Mahe, it’s a short 40-minute flight to Seychelles wedding bliss on Desroches Island. From the moment your plane lands, your prenuptial and honeymoon needs will be catered for by the expert staff.

Planning a trip to Seychelles

Your Beachside Home from Home

Beach Suites at Desroches Island Seychelles are amazing – beautifully furnished in a colonial style set in palm groves and surrounded by stunning floral gardens of every tropical hue. Their layout and style help ensure a sense of privacy and seclusion while you enjoy your own veranda, bathe in an outdoor shower.

If the Beach Suites are amazing, Villa Retreats offer even more luxury and space, with a private plunge pool, central living room area and a modern, fully stocked kitchen. Perfect for engaged couples and honeymooners alike!

Which Wedding Scene to Choose?

Will you choose a wedding set on a secluded white-sand beach, or opt for exchanging vows in a coconut grove? The superb settings of Desroches Island Seychelles offer up amazing scenery and gorgeous foliage to create the perfect backdrop for Seychelles weddings.

When the great event is over, why not ask for a beachside celebratory feast complete with lighting, music and a meal prepared just for the two of you.

Food for Body and Soul

You will appreciate this all-inclusive aspect of island life here, with a full-service restaurant serving freshly gathered local ingredients, fish and seafood. Or head to the Beach Restaurant for more casual and laid-back meals and snacks. Or, near the swimming pool or within the gardens.

Indulge your body at the brand new Escape Spa, with their Asian massage therapy and luxurious body treatments. The expert staff can advise you on the ideal treatment for you – either pre-wedding or after the nuptials, or indeed both.

Indulge your senses with the complimentary bicycles, perfect for explorations around the island or a visit to the tortoise sanctuary. Or, grab your complimentary kayaks and paddle around the pristine waters, taking in views of the abundant sea life and picture-perfect shoreline. There is also complimentary sailing, windsurfers, pedalos. If all this sounds a bit like work after a while, relax poolside with a cool drink and contemplate the back of your eyelids for a while. Further afield, you can charter a fishing boat and head out for some serious game-fishing.

Planning Your Seychelles Wedding

Choose a reputable specialist tour operator when planning your wedding in Seychelles. They’ll also assist in booking arrangements for your wedding party.

Travelling to Jamaica | Best Travel Guide

For thousands of years, Jamaica has been accommodating travelers from different continents around the world. Its rich culture is as old as its history. Since the island was rich in natural resources and offered a pleasant climate, it became a new home for the pioneers. These indigenous people brought along a particular culture with them, marking the beginning of an astounding history. The Amerindians enjoyed a healthy and peaceful life at the island until the Europeans invaded the region to rule it under their flag. The island has also been home to the Africans, who initially served as slaves but then flee to the mountains to live an independent life.

Moreover, the gem of the Caribbean has also been welcoming travelers from different parts of Asia and Middle East, who came searching for a better life. All these variations in traditions and customs have merged into one significant whole making it a milestone for Jamaica. Today, Jamaica is an amalgamation of different ethnicities with an overwhelming history that is displayed in the midst of breathtaking views and remarkable flora and fauna. Pleasant climate year-round, immense variations in the landscapes and warm smiles of the locals are the reason why Jamaica is the hub of travelers from world over.

Jamaica is truly a multi-ethnic region with spectrums in skin tones, eye colors and variations in physical and facial features. The Jamaicans are known for their creativity, which is also reflected in different forms of art. What’s exceptional about these masterpieces is the diversity of their thoughts and ideas. The region has produced some of the finest artists in the entire Caribbean and has a large number of galleries that showcase these emblems of pride.

Since the climate of Jamaica is tropical, it purports varied ecosystems with unique plants and animals, some of which can only be seen in this part of the world. However, over the centuries, the flora and fauna of the region has changed considerably. At the time of arrival of Spaniards in 1494, the region mostly comprised of thick forests and small agricultural areas.

The Europeans cleared much of the densely forested areas to build houses. They also introduced new plants including banana, sugarcane and citrus trees. The Jamaican wildlife consists of mammals, reptiles and other endemic species.